Two or even three can eat as cheap as one.

Say it as you wish: “Chstr.”

CHSTR is pizza, pasta, salads and lots of other stuff! It’s where elegance becomes casual, where you can let go and have fun. We love relaxed and chill people with positive vibes. If you’re like that then you’ll be welcome!


About Chstr

We started with a little local near the convenience store “Oxxo” of La Costa. It was a tiny spot with a table inside a three tables outside. In there we started making pasta and people got to know about us, some years ago.

How did CHSTR emerge?

When we started with CHSTR, its name was Al Dente, in Playa del Carmen and we saw that there were a lot of Italian restaurants with names related to pasta and pizza, so we looked for something new and funny. We started with names like Felipa and ended up with Cheester, that for us is something “Cheesy, delicious and tasty.” A new concept of a place to enjoy pasta but with less formality, where people feels like home.